Client List

Advanced Immuno Therapeutics
Alternative Holistic Health Center
American Nutraceutical Association
American Red Cross
American Social Health Association
American Pharmacy
Athletic Institute
Barr Films
Brown Publishing Company
Canadian Broadcasting Company
Child Abuse Services Team
Children’s Television Network
Costa Mesa City Television
CP Rehab Centers
CRM Films
Cutter Labs
David Miller, M.D.
Davstar Industries
Dental View
Edward Wong, MD
Film Bank Inc.
Film/Video Stock Shots Inc.
Franklin Institute
ICN Pharmaceuticals
Institute for Molecular Medicine
International Molecular Diagnostics
Mammoth/June Ski Resort
Maxim LLC
McGraw Hills Films
Media International & Associates
Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM)
Museum of Science & Industry
National Ski Patrol System
National Society for Immunology
Natural Science Corp. of America
Neozyme International
Newport Pharmaceuticals Int. Inc.
NOVA Television
Nutritional Therapeutics, Inc.
Obtura Corp.
Pfizer Pharmaceuticals
Prime Medical
Profit Techniques
San Diego Clinical Research Assoc.
Science Screen Report
Scripps Clinical Research Institute
Shiley Labs
Target Stores, Inc.
The JAG Groups
Touchphonics Reading Systems
United Ski Industries Association
University of California, Irvine
Video Tape Library, Ltd.
William H. Wickett, MD
WQED Television Los Angeles