Our Clients Say…

“You put a lot of effort and creativity into the work and it shows. It’s no wonder this film is winning awards. The tape has been so highly received that it is difficult to keep copies in stock.”
Patrick F. Baker, Director: Health and Safety, American Red Cross

“Both of these programs were delivered on budget, on time and were better than we ever imagined. Thank you for your attention to detail.”
Dr. Robert C. White, Ph.D., Vice President, General Manager, SD Clinical Research Association

“…the integrated marketing program you created proved to be a potent, cost-effective means of communicating a very complex technical subject in an entertaining, informative style that led to a high degree of understanding and retention among a broad range of viewers.”
Jack Baldridge, Consultant, Daleco Corporation

“No one else is doing the kinds of quality biomedical technical productions that you are doing.”
Paul Lumbard, President, Filmbank

“The brochures, magazine ads and mailout pieces you wrote and designed are very effective and we are still renewing and running these ads with great success.”
Jim Kraushaar, President, Lasercomp

“Your help in producing not only excellent quality brochures, slides and videos, but also your technical knowledge in conducting clinical research has helped in the significant success of our new products.”
Jerry B. Silver, President, Davstar Industries, Ltd.

“Thank you also for the distribution outline you created and guidance you gave us for providing the films and support materials to our market areas in over 50 countries in a most practical and cost-effective program.”
Jean Dreyer, Manager International Affairs, Newport Pharmaceuticals Int’l.

“The quality of the two videos produced was excellent, and went beyond my expectations, great care was taken to produce the highest quality images, sound and music to make sure that each aspect of the videos was exactly the way I wanted it.”
Dr. Roberta Goldshlag Cooks, MD, Exhibits Department, Franklin Institute

“Over my 20 years at the University I have interacted with many types of state, national and international groups, politicians and leaders of industry. I wish they were all as credible, dependable, efficient and produced the quality programs with which you and your staff have generated.”
Dr. G.A. Granger, Ph.D., Professor of Immunology, University of California, Irvine

“We are still getting positive comments on the film and technical slide presentations you designed for us. The computer graphics you created are a notch above most of the other presenters. This high quality helps us sustain our leading-edge image.”
Dr. Alvin J. Glasky, Ph.D., President, Advanced Immunotherapeutics

“Your effort to videotape the effects of Ofloxacin on bacteria under the microscope produced outstanding visual results. In addition, your ability to provide a high quality product and meet our tight deadlines was essential.”
Kathy Lundstedt, Production Manager, Communicore

“It is a pleasure to work with a company that fulfills a project within the proposed budget and time frame.”
Dr. Arthur J. Olson, Ph.D., Scripps Clinic

“Throughout the film production process, Sierra kept us completely informed and updated on their progress. Our feedback was valued and integrated into the final productions.”
Clare D. Marsch, Acquisition Consultant, CRM Films

“The Health Fair was a huge success, thanks in part to your design and distribution ideas for the brochure.”
Dr. Melissa Rigg, R.N., D.C.

“…thanks for your help in creating the virus models for the International Virazole sales brochures. The end result, as you can see, is quite dramatic.”
Neal H. D’Agostino, Marketing Director, ICN Pharmaceuticals