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imgThumb_ImmuneResponseThe Immune Response was the first film in a series produced by Sierra Productions designed to emphasize the immune system. This critically acclaimed film has received eleven national and international film awards and is now available for distribution through Newport.

The body has an extraordinary defense system against infection. A fascinating look at the complex defense system of the human body is explored in this detailed film entitled, THE IMMUNE RESPONSE. Harmful substances which invade the body are defended by the intricate balance of the immune system. This interaction of the immune response takes place on a cellular and subcellular level. Through the aid of time lapse photography and a detailed but well choreographed animation sequence, the film unfolds. Each animated character performs a specific function related to the immune response. Few films are as technically accurate yet clear and concise as this valuable production.

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imgThumbImmunodeficiencyImmunodeficiency: A Disease of Life approaches the complex subject of immunodeficiency by combining cellular biology with a broad range of conditions which weaken the immune system causing an immune deficient state.

The film briefly summarizes such conditions as infectious disease, cancer, autoimmunity, allergy, malnutrition, aging, genetic defects, chemicals, radiation, trauma and surgery illustrating how some of these act as a catalyst for a suppressed immune system. Time-lapse photomicroscopy, specialized computer graphics and character animation enhance the presentation.

A skillfully animated sequence focuses on a microcosm of animated phagocytes. T and B cells responding to the growth of a cancerous tumor model. These immune cells are misdirected by certain defects in the regulation of the immune response system. The film provides a general overview of immunodeficiency.

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HERPES: The Evasive Invader

imgThumb_HerpesA visually exciting film that graphically depicts the body’s reaction to the virus, the prodrome, latency, and viral replication in a non-offensive style through the use of computer graphics, time-lapse microcinematography and creative character animation.

This film transcends from the general biology, clinical and immunological aspects of the disease in an entertaining and informative manner. Emphasis is placed on the immune response, the body’s most efficient defender.

Healthcare professionals, patients and public service groups are the intended audience. Excellent for high school and college students. A must see film.

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imgThumbImmuneDefendersImmune DefendersThe Immune Defender video is an easy-to-understand colorful approach to learning the immune system. It is targeted to the junior high and high school audiences. It is most entertaining and informative.

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