Immuno-Imagery Video Kit
imgAnime1Sierra Productions produced a deep relaxation and visualization video series on maintaining health through mind-body medical techniques. This program is entitled IMMUNO-IMAGERY©.

Did you know that your body contains 54 billion white blood cells that never sleep, work day and night, and eat viruses, bacteria, and germs for breakfast? They are the primary part of your immune system which strives to protect you from harmful invaders. Did you know that what we think, do, and eat can affect their ability to fight disease? Now, a unique new program called IMMUNO-IMAGERY© is available to help you understand your immune system and enhance it’s ability to keep you healthy!

IMMUNO-IMAGERY© combines recent scientific discoveries and inspiring motion picture images with the latest professional guided imagery and deep relaxation techniques. This program consists of two videotapes, a supporting audio cassette, and an illustrated guidebook. The program contains rare time-lapse microcinematography of actual immune cells, captivating animation and a powerful narrative that illustrates just how your body defends itself. IMMUNO-IMAGERY provides the visual tools and guidance to help you visualize a strengthened and balanced immune system. T-cells

RELAX and feel better. Recently, modern medicine has researched and documented the beneficial applications of deep relaxation techniques. Deep relaxation has been shown to reduce stress, combat chronic pain and help recovery from many different illnesses.

IMMUNO-IMAGERY guides you through powerful deep relaxation methods to help you open your mind for positive messages and images. It also provides an effective means to alleviate stress in your daily life.

IMAGINE the power of 54 billion natural defenders within you, fighting for your life. Experience the wonders of your own immune system with fascinating images. IMMUNO-IMAGERY will enhance your imagination, taking you to a place where your inner thoughts make it easier to activate your body’s natural defenders. Imagine the destruction and removal of viruses, bacteria, and other germs by your body’s immune system. Imagine and realize better health!

REALIZE the power you have to help activate the natural intelligence of your immune system using IMMUNO-IMAGERY. This program will allow you to take an active role in maintaining your health and improving the quality of your life. Relax, Imagine and Realize good health through your mind’s eye…with a little help from your friends.

IMMUNO-IMAGERY© is based on the conviction that your immune system is the wellspring of good health. The Immune System is a miraculous mechanism of defense, attack, and repair consisting of a network of cells and organs that instantly respond to the presence of any disease-causing intruder. Invaders

It is well recognized that stress can have a negative effect on the function of your body’s immune system. During periods of high stress we tend to get tired, “run down”, and sick. Research has documented that deep relaxation can increase the function and efficiency of immune cells. In addition, a communication link has been discovered between the cells of the immune system, and the cells of our brain.

IMMUNO-IMAGERY incorporates research findings based on the science of Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI), the study of the interaction between the brain and the immune system. Through an intricate network of neurons, the brain communicates with the immune system to regulate your health and defend your body from harmful invaders. Current trends in PNI suggest that you can affect your body’s health through deep relaxation and visualization techniques.

IMMUNO-IMAGERY is your guide to activating the natural intelligence of your immune system.

Visualization, seeing your body become healthy through your mind’s eye, is the key to the IMMUNO-IMAGERY process.

Once you have complete understanding of how your body biologically reacts to preserve health and heal itself, you can combine relaxation techniques and our unique images to experience the process of IMMUNO-IMAGERY.

IMMUNO-IMAGERY introduces you to your body’s friends, the T-cells, B-cells and macrophages. Our program shows you exactly what they do and how they do it. IMMUNO-IMAGERY also uses powerful methods of deep relaxation preparing the subconscious mind to receive the stimulating images of a healthy immune system. Once you have been trained to these fundamental skills, IMMUNO-IMAGERY provides a repetitive program of deep relaxation combined with active visual stimulation.

The program features the relaxation and guided imagery techniques of Emmett E. Miller, M.D., a pioneer in the use of deep relaxation and imagery in healing. Dr. Miller is co-founder of The Cancer Support and Education Center which extensively uses visualization therapy. He teaches patients to take an active role in their treatment to fight disease, and promote good health and well being. Dr. Miller comments “IMMUNO-IMAGERY provides a crucial element in any program designed to support the healing process in a most beneficial way, providing clear, vivid images of healthy functioning immune cells doing exactly what you want them to do within your body.”

IMMUNO-IMAGERY can be used by everyone interested in disease prevention or recovering from an illness. Health care professionals can also utilize the IMMUNO-IMAGERY materials in their practices as a tool to help achieve good health.

Sierra Production is a company dedicated to maximizing the quality of life for everyone through the realization of good health. IMMUNO-IMAGERY is a result of that dedication, and represents a breakthrough in the field of Psychoneuroimmunology. Now is the time to realize your potential. Now is the time to realize good health!

imgThumgKit_tempThe IMMUNO-IMAGERY kit consists of 2 videotapes (“The Science of Immuno-Imagery” & “Imaging with Immuno-Imagery”), one audio and an illustrated Guidebook. The program reveals the immune system’s natural defense and disease fighting process and trains you in guided imagery and deep relaxation techniques. Click to preview