Technical Writing

The staff at Sierra Productions has over 20 years of experience in medical research, medical education and biomedical marketing.

Bob Settineri has published numerous scientific and technical reports on bio-medical topics.

Sierra develops effective written materials which include sales training programs, product profiles, technical video scripts, numerous publications, summary reports of clinical trials, medical marketing communications, research proposals and product evaluations.



Our company offers technical consulting in areas of biomedical product development, laboratory research, experimental design and medical product marketing. Because of our extensive experience (collectively over 32 years), award-winning productions, distinguished medical advisory board and numerous strategic alliances, Sierra is the company of choice for bio-medical consulting.


Technical Filming

Sierra produces scientific and clinical documentaries, surgical procedures, interviews with health care professionals, talk show video presentations and maintains an in-house laboratory that develops and produces rare 16mm time-lapse footage of immune cells, cancer cells and micro-organisms.




Sierra Productions creates a variety of biomedical and technical educational videos. Included are documentaries, seminars, mini-theatricals, training and educational videos for schools, colleges and cable television. Our equipment includes full broadcast production AVID Media Composer, non-linear editing, digital video cameras, digital audio recording, Betacam SP, 3/4″ SP, SVHS, VHS and digital output. Sierra has a studio, technical photography lab. and full computerized graphic and animation capabilities.

Sierra Productions wrote, produced and directed a variety of television broadcasts for the following:

  •  Canadian Broadcast Company — “AIDS A Report”
  •  Children’s Television Network — Various education health segments.
  •  McGraw-Hill/CRM Films — “Immune Response”, “Herpes: The Evasive Invader”, “Immunodeficiency: A Disease of Life”, “Immune Defenders”, Highest revenue generating medical films in McGraw-Hill’s history.
  •  NOVA– Segments on the immune system.
  •  Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM) – Segment of “Solomon’s Universe”
  •  Franklin Institute — 10-year museum exhibit “The Living Cell” and “Our Body’s Defenses”
  •  Museum of Science and Industry – 10 year exhibit “The Immune Response”
  •  Science Screen Report – Video educational series on the immune system.
  •  Barr Films — “Ski Sense and Safety”, “Control is the Goal”
  •  WQED– Edited portions of five medical productions.
  •  American Red Cross — Associate producer of AIDS motion pictures: “Don’t Forget Sherry” and “A Letter from Brian”
  •  Ski Safety Film Series — Shown in over 200 ski areas and movie theaters.
  •  Produced over 200 corporate, training, fund raising, educational, product profiles, etc.
  •  Five fund raising videos which collectively help raise over ten million dollars.
  •  Produced 16 half-hour informercials for “The Opportunity Show” aired on KDOC TV.


Sierra Productions originates a variety of medical marketing brochures, flyers, direct mail pieces, annual reports, product profiles, companion video, brochures and trade show exhibits.

(samples:  Derma Peel, LMP Brochure, Nutraceutical Art Work, Migra Brochure, brochures, posters, flyers designed by Sierra Productions)



We utilize special effects graphics, state of the art computer graphics, computer design and desk top publishing systems.



Sierra Productions produces 2D and 3D animation to enhance both corporate and educational video, CD or streaming media content.

Work Samples

Brochures, Posters, Journal Covers designed by Sierra Productions

Graphics created and designed by Sierra Productions

Technical Animation created by Sierra Productions

Videos produced by Sierra Productions