Robert Settineri, President

Robert (Bob) Settineri, MS

Curriculum Vitae

Sierra Productions Research

Mission Viejo, CA – 1987 to Present

Provides strategic biomedical communications, research coordination and medical research consulting services for medium to large multi-national pharmaceutical, nutraceutical diagnostic, medical, and health care professional companies. Over 30 years experience in biomedical research. Currently consults on formulations, pre-clinical/clinical research and product development. Also writes, produces and directs medical educational videos & films which garnered 37 international awards. Produced internationally acclaimed therapeutic DVD, “Immuno-Imagery” – visualization and guided imagery for immune enhancement utilized in numerous clinics and by health care professionals.

Partial list of clients:

APPLIED-BIORESEARCH, INC. – Research Division Irvine, CA
Research Director 2010 – Present

Oversees all product development
Pre-clinical and clinical research management
Manages of outside GLP and GMP labs
Manages of all scientific and medical consultants
Lead supervisor of FDA consulting groups
Assists in writing and approves all final pre-clinical and clinical protocols
Patent preparation, and writing and interfacing with patent attorneys

Consulting Manager of Clinical Research 2003 – 2010

Designed and wrote protocols for clinical and preclinical studies
Coordinated and managed major clinical prostate trials
Designed and coordinated preclinical pharmacokinetic studies
Developed and managed an “On-Line” internet-based, IRB approved BPH stud
Instrumental in the preparation of five publications for the company
Wrote numerous technical and medical articles on chelation therapy and heavy metal toxicity
Developed product profile materials for health care professionals and pharmacies
Produced international award-winning DVD – “Living in a Toxic World”
Coordinated international medical conferences and seminars for reporting research findings
Published four medical journal articles on original research
Published chapter on detoxification in medical text book – “Anti-Aging Therapeutic Medicine”
Co-author of a detoxification book for the public

Consulting Director of Clinical Research 1996 – Present

Designed protocols for clinical studies
Coordinated major clinical research
Developed and managed an “On-Line” internet-based, IRB approved Asthma Clinical Trial
Instrumental in the preparation of three publications for the company
Product profile development and marketing materials for health care professionals & pharmacies
Published five peer-reviewed medical journal articles
Produced educational/promotional product videos
Coordinated 13-part product radio infomercial on KRLA radio “Healthy Advice with Dr. Gene”
Created technical power point presentations for medical professionals
Research and development and writing of new patents

Consulting Research Director 2008 – Present

Designed and conducted microbiological research assay for acne device
Coordinated and managed FDA 510K device research to test and validate acne device
Conducted expanded devise survey research for FDA 510K approval
Research studies resulted in full FDA 510K approval for acne device
Instrumental in the preparation of five publications for the company

Senior Consulting Vice President, Member of Board of Directors 1996 – Present

Coordination and organization pre-clinical and clinical research with major research institutions
Responsible for the development and production of bio-medical multi-media educational programs
Direct liaison for new and existing clients in the nutraceutical industry
New business development & project supervision with physicians, nurses, naturopaths, pharmacists
Interface with nutraceutical manufacturers, scientific and technical advisors, formulators, distributors consultants and pharmacies for new and existing business development
Assisted in Nutraceutical in Medicine Conferences

Consultant 2003 – 2005

Designed protocol and carried out in-vitro research for anti-infective agents
Published research findings in JANA 2003
Presented at American Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine conference in 2004
Targeted research to supported launch of product

Consultant 1999 – Present

Elected member of Investigational Review Board (IRB)
Review and approval determination for clinical research submissions
Brought in three clinical trial for the Institute
Organized, wrote protocols, coordinated and managed three clinical trials – two published
Consultant to Principal Investigator of IMM

Consultant 2002 – 2006

Wrote protocol, IRB submission and Informed Consent for AIDS clinical trial
Successful approval at Raritan Bay Medical Center for study
Coordinated physicians, nurses and staff
Responsible liaison between client and research institution

DAVSTAR, INC. Costa Mesa, CA
Consultant 1994 – 2000

Concept and development of clinical diagnostic product for urinalysis “Censlide”
Wrote protocols, coordinated, managed clinical laboratory research
Published key study in conjunction with UCLA
Successfully brought product to market internationally

NEWPORT PHARMACEUTICALS – Pharmaceutical Co. Newport Beach, CA
Director Biological Research 1975 – 1986

Responsible for biomedical research and development of immunological products
Designed tissue culture and animal research laboratory facilities
Coordinated compilation of New Drug Application (NDA) for FDA submission
Research led to approvals drug approvals in 80 countries
Published 21 scientific articles in viral immunology and related fields in medical journals
Assisted in protocol design, monitoring, and final publication of multi-center clinical trials
Developed time-lapse cinemicrophotographic films – cancer target cell destruction by human cells


Master of Science, Emphasis, Microbiology & Immunology, Cum Laude 1976 California State University


Alpha Chi National Honorary Society • Biology Book Award for Outstanding Achievement in Biology • American Medical Writer’s Association, Finalist Award • John Muir Medical Film Festival, Gold Leaf Award • International Scientific and Technical Film Award • Chicago International Film Award, 2nd Place • U.S. Industrial Film Festival, Creative Excellence Award • American Association for the Advancement of Science, Silver Film Award • Houston International Film Festival, Gold & Silver Award • National Educational Festival, Silver Award • IFPA, Gold Cindy Award• Outstanding Ski Industry Representative, Bill Mackey Award



Inventors: Robert Settineri and James F. Palmer, Patent # EP 2603090 A1


Inventor: Robert Settineri, Patent #


Inventor: Robert Settineri, Provisional application


Inventor: Robert Settineri, Provisional application


Skiing, sailing, cycling, tennis


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