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Over 20 years of experience in medical research, medical education and biomedical marketing.

Company Profile

Sierra Productions is an in-house multimedia agency specializing in biomedical communications. The founder and president, Bob Settineri, M.S. started Sierra in 1985. Sierra’s services include the production of video and print media. Our company produces and designs original artwork, brochures, radio and TV announcements, slides, multi-image presentations and technical writing to meet the desired communication needs of businesses, health care professionals and the public. 

Sierra has a twelve-member distinguished scientific advisory board that includes physicians and scientists in the areas of immunology, clinical research, behavioral medicine, chemistry and psychology as well as medical marketing specialists.


Technical Writing

Sierra develops written materials which include training programs, product profiles, video scripts, summary reports of clinical trials, marketing, research proposals and product evaluations.


Our company offers technical consulting in areas of biomedical product development, laboratory research, experimental design and medical product marketing.

Technical Filming

Sierra produces scientific and clinical documentaries, surgical procedures, interviews with health care professionals, talk show video presentations.

Multimedia Production

Sierra Productions creates a variety of biomedical and technical educational videos. Included are documentaries, seminars, mini-theatricals, training and educational videos for schools, colleges and cable television.

Print Media

Sierra Productions originates a variety of medical marketing brochures, flyers, direct mail pieces, annual reports, product profiles, companion video, brochures and trade show exhibits

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